Hawaii Zouk Festival 2017

Jonathan and Gigi organized the first ever Hawaii Zouk Festival at the Sheraton Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The experience was nothing short of spectacular.  Every day was unique, fun, and ended with picture-perfect sunsets.  Blue water, beaches, surfing, outdoor activities, good food, workshops, hula, hookah, and dancing - what more can you ask for?

We arrived on Thursday and immediately went to the Duke meetup spot on Waikiki.  There, instructors and students went canoe surfing and learned a little about the history of Hawaii.  Some did yoga while others went for a dip in the warm water.  Later that evening, we had the pre-party at Next Door in Chinatown.  The night was filled with social dancing, shows, and awesome dance-off battle between instructors.

The weekend was full of bachata, salsa, and brazilian zouk workshops.  On Saturday, there was a surprise pop-up after party at the Hookah Hookah lounge near by.  It was very a chill vibe where dancers could relax and smoke hookah, or dance to Mafie's late-night set.

One of the best moments of the weekend was on Saturday when Mafie Zouker played a live DJ set with local violinist Windy.   The song was perfect for the setting and Windy's improvisation to Mafie's beats and vocals was impeccable.  While they were performing, many where enjoying the music or social dancing.