The reason why SBKZ Media here is pretty much because of MBKF 2015.  Guelas reached out to us inquiring about video coverage.  We hammered out a deal and they were our first client.    We provided full video coverage for MBKF 2015.  Since then, we've grown, expanded, and improved our video content.

Aside from providing video footage, we also manage Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube accounts.  We update social media outlets during the event.  We use proper intros/outros, logos, and tagging to maximize brand exposure and increase likes/shares for our client.  We've worked many different types of clients and know what kind of photo/video creates engagement and interaction with viewers.

You can literally see the progression of each and ever video from 2015 until 2017.  Our latest edit is the weekend recap from 2017.  This was our third and last video that we published immediately after the event was over.