Where do we start?  Filming in a new setting is always fun and challenging.  It's always been one of our goals to film in Asia, and it finally came to fruition!

With any new festival, the first day we try and feel out the hotel, venue, lighting, and overall vibe and energy of the festival.  The humidity outdoors prevented us from filming outside due to fogging of lenses. The first workshop on Friday was packed and full of energy; a great pre-curser of what was yet to come.

We've filmed more than 30+ festivals; some big, some small, some too big, and some too small to even be called a festival.  This festival was just perfect.  A fantastic balance between artists and dancers.   It was big enough to social dance with new faces all night, yet not too big where you get lost in the mix.  It was small and intimate enough to talk and get to know the artists.  Also, throughout the weekend I noticed that because there was a good group of artists- most of them hung out together when eating or relaxing.  This created the perfect environment for artist dances and interactions that you don't see every day.

Sundays are always the best IMO.  The dance floors lighten up and you're able to really get some good dancing in (especially with the artists).  This year SBW held a Jack and Jill which was absolutely hilarious.  The MC kept the ball rolling throughout the evening, and the artist dances were very entertaining.

While it's every festival's goal to grow year-over-year, this is one of those festivals that I don't mind see being capped out and in high demand.  The production level and organization is high.  Oh, I almost forgot, the highlight of the weekend was definitely DJ Migs from San Francisco, California.  This DJ is one of the best in the world IMO and I didn't step on the dance floor until I new he was on the decks.

Cheers to everyone who made the 2018 Singapore Bachata Weekend possible and I hope to see everyone next year!