Brazilian Zouk in San Diego - One Zouk

Hosted by Brunno/Paula and Yuan, One Zouk Social has become the best spot to learn and practice Brazilian Zouk in San Diego.   We celebrated a number of birthdays including: Melissa Elder, Brunno Theodoro, Megan Travers, and Tom Souza!  Kyle Mikami hit the decks for a 4-hour set and played a mix of eclectic tunes.  Below is a sample of the mix from earlier in the evening.

Friday the 13th didn't scare anyone from coming out as we had a huge turnout from Los Angeles.  Below is a video of the birthday roda!

Kyle Mikami will be back June 9th, 2018 to play another set in San Diego.  If you enjoyed this content and would like updates on the Brazilian Zouk scene in Southern California, subscribe below!

2018 Los Angeles Zouk Festival

Hosted by Shani Mayer and Christian Whitecloud, the 2018 Los Angeles Zouk Festival is right around the corner!  Located at the beautiful Queen Mary in Long Beach, California - this is one of the longest running  Brazilian Zouk festivals in the US.  

This year's edition includes a "LambaZouk Track" option that allows dancers to take intensive courses from some of the world's best Lamba Zouk instructors.  Instructors include Adriana, Lena Thieme, Ry'El & Jessica, Gilson, Felipe & Patricia, and the one and only - Master Braz!  Master Braz recently obtained a unique Visa that will allow him to work in the US and teach Lamba Zouk.   

This year will include a teacher's course taught by Jaime Arôxa, Leo & Becky, and Gilson Damasco.  These amazing artists will be teaching history, technique, musicality, and different types of teaching methods.

The Jack & Jill is always a fun and hectic competition.  Expect to see new faces this year as Brazilian Zouk has seen tremendous growth this past year.

Other highlights this year include Rodrigo and Karina from Sao Paulo, Brazil!  They are an amazing couple and one of the biggest influencers in the Sao Paulo zouk scene.  Check out a video that we filmed of them when we in Brazil in 2017.  DJ Kakah will be blessing us with amazing music as well.

Brazilian Zouk festivals are always fun, busy, and exciting.  For us, the deck parties definitely stand out from any other event.  These parties allow us to dance outdoors and enjoy the Southern California breeze.  They have afternoon parties on the deck along with after-parties that usually last until sunrise.  

See you on the dance floor!

If you're interested in attending this year's event, you can purchase tickets here.

Ivette Bogarin Bachata Video Shoot

We had the pleasure of working with Ivette Bogarin last week in Orange County, California.  She is a professional latin-dancer specializing in Salsa and Bachata.  Based out of Tijuana, Ivette entered the world of dance back in 2010.  She trained with Alma Latina and established artists like: Sheila de Jesús, Terry Tauliaut, Rodrigo Cortazar, and Ivan Valdespino.

If you are interested in taking classes with Ivette, shoot her a message.

EnVy Lounge - March 6th, 2018

Snapped these bad boys with a good ol' disposable camera.  A couple weeks later (thanks for lagging Walmart) and some LR filters, and viola - we got some cool snaps!  If you want the originals, shoot me an email and I'll bring them to Envy.

Upcoming DJ sets: EnVy Lounge April 3rd, 2018.  Come out for some banger tunes.  Anything and everything zoukable from old school hip hop to indie electronica. 4/4 beats from 65 to 105 BPMs all night longggg!  Monday at Energia on April 9th and then San Diego on April 13th for Yuan's social.  I'll be bringing along some disposables to every event!

Envy (14 of 30).jpg
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3 things latin-dance promoters and artists should stop doing.

1.  Having multiple personal Facebook accounts.   We've all seen it and have had to deal with it.  At the end of the person's name they have full, I, or II - i.e., My Name Full, My Name I, My Name II. 

This is frustrating when you don't know which account to add/follow.  Also, when you need to reach someone but you don't know which profile to message.  You message one profile but they respond with another.  On top of multiple personal profiles, they have an artist page, a dance company page, and a joint partner page which complicates things further.

What's the solution? It's simple: You delete or convert your additional personal pages and allow people to follow you.  You can have an unlimited amount of followers.  Sure, you'll loose some friends when you delete those extra accounts, but it's worth the short-term expense.  The convenience of properly managing and communicating through one personal FB account is worth it in the long-term.

If you are maxed out at 5k friends, turn on the follow option.  When people try and add you as a friend they are automatically following you.  You can then remove the request request and you are good to go!

2.  SPAM tagging you on FB for every event.  (Even if they know you aren't in the country) Getting notifications is annoying enough.  But getting the same notification from the same promoter every week and having to untag yourself gets incredibly exhausting.  Also, if it's the same weekly event thats been going for the last 5 years, there is definitely no need to be tagging anyone.

Once you create an event, it will automatically appear on everyone's upcoming events that you're friends with.  Unless you are directly involved with hosting the event, no one else should be tagged.  Also, SPAM tagging has become increasingly popular with artists who have a new demo that they just released.   Just like events, demos are filmed almost every day so tagging people who have seen similar demos can becoming draining as well.

3.  Adding dancers to groups that they don't want to be added to.  Groups are extremely convenient in FB when used properly and where valuable information is exchanged.  Unfortunately, in the dance world, 95% of groups are SPAM groups.  Promoters from all over the world post their event, festival, or ****NEW DEMO ALERT*** in every group imaginable.  They spend hours copying and pasting the same text in every group hoping they will get likes or shares.  Facebook has complex algorithms that can pick up on multiple postings using the same text.


I've had people add me as friends just so they can add me on a group.  When you leave the group you've been forced to join without your permission, be sure to click the box 'Prevent others from adding me to this group.'  


Additional tips for the dance community:

-If you notice these three things happening to you on a regular basis, just unfriend the person.  Just because you unfriend them on FB, does not mean you aren't friends with them in the real world.  It's nothing personal.

-In your privacy settings, be sure to prevent posts from being posted on your wall without your approval.  

-Going live on facebook is probably the most annoying things I see on a daily basis.  Facebook is really trying to push individuals and businesses to go live.  I don't recommend going live unless you are partying with Justin Bieber.  


With more and more events and festivals popping up every month, promoters and artists are desperate for attention.  It's important to identify those that are marketing themselves the right way, versus those are not.

If you found this article helpful, let me know.  Let me know what other things annoy you in the latin-dance world of Facebook.  Tag a friend, share this article, and let's improve how promoters and artists market themselves in the latin-dance scene.