2018 Los Angeles Zouk Festival

Hosted by Shani Mayer and Christian Whitecloud, the 2018 Los Angeles Zouk Festival is right around the corner!  Located at the beautiful Queen Mary in Long Beach, California - this is one of the longest running  Brazilian Zouk festivals in the US.  

This year's edition includes a "LambaZouk Track" option that allows dancers to take intensive courses from some of the world's best Lamba Zouk instructors.  Instructors include Adriana, Lena Thieme, Ry'El & Jessica, Gilson, Felipe & Patricia, and the one and only - Master Braz!  Master Braz recently obtained a unique Visa that will allow him to work in the US and teach Lamba Zouk.   

This year will include a teacher's course taught by Jaime Arôxa, Leo & Becky, and Gilson Damasco.  These amazing artists will be teaching history, technique, musicality, and different types of teaching methods.

The Jack & Jill is always a fun and hectic competition.  Expect to see new faces this year as Brazilian Zouk has seen tremendous growth this past year.

Other highlights this year include Rodrigo and Karina from Sao Paulo, Brazil!  They are an amazing couple and one of the biggest influencers in the Sao Paulo zouk scene.  Check out a video that we filmed of them when we in Brazil in 2017.  DJ Kakah will be blessing us with amazing music as well.

Brazilian Zouk festivals are always fun, busy, and exciting.  For us, the deck parties definitely stand out from any other event.  These parties allow us to dance outdoors and enjoy the Southern California breeze.  They have afternoon parties on the deck along with after-parties that usually last until sunrise.  

See you on the dance floor!

If you're interested in attending this year's event, you can purchase tickets here.