3 Best Places to Dance Salsa and Bachata in Los Angeles in 2019

This post is for salsa and bachata dancers visiting LA for a short time.  If you’re a local, there are multiple events going on every evening and new events popping up every month. These are three spots that haven’t changed for years.

Steven’s Steakhouse This is the best place to dance bachata, period.  Sometimes I have better times social dancing here than at many festivals.  The surrounding neighborhood is sketchy, but I’ve never had any issues.  Just valet or Uber here if you’re worried.  They also have salsa in the smaller room which isn’t too bad either.  The sound system and DJs are always on point.  The best days to come are Sundays and Wednesdays.

Dance: Bachata

Best Night: Sunday & Wednesday

Level of Dancing: 9/10

Stevens Blog.jpg

El Floridita - If you ask local dancers about this place, many won’t have a clue about it.  It’s located in the heart of Hollywood and has been around for 30+ years.  It’s a small Cuban restaurant that serves awesome mojitos.  They are known for their Mondays when they have a full live band.  The live music is incredible and creates an experience you won’t find anywhere else.  It may be hard to dance because it’s so crowded, but try to come early and stay late if you’re looking for good dances.  Come here for the experience, not the dancing.  It’s such a unique place, you won’t be disappointed.  El Floridita is also open on Friday and Saturdays and is usually not as crowded.

Dance: Salsa

Best Night: Monday

Level of Dancing: 6/10

El floridita Blog.jpg

Unified on2 Project - This once-a-month social is hosted by DJ Mayimbe in the heart of Orange County which is located about 35 minutes south of downtown Los Angeles.  This social offers salsa, bachata, and brazilian zouk.  The bachata and salsa rooms are always packed and really fun.  The social dancing goes late until 5 am.  DJ Mayimbe always has the best music in all three rooms that will keep you going until the end. If you’re in town to visit the social, this is definitely not an event to miss as you can expect great dances in all 3 rooms.

Dance: Salsa & Bachata

Best Night: Once a month

Level of Dancing: 9/10


If you have any questions about these locations or want other tips, shoot us a message and we’ll respond. This purely our opinion after having been social dancing all throughout the Los Angeles area for the past 10 years.