bachata fest

Daniel and Desirée | Bachata Sensual Demo

I filmed this demo of this amazing couple a little over a year ago at the 2015 Seattle Salsa Congress.  Currently, of all my videos, this has the most views with a little over 500k views.

When I create a video, it's not my goal to get as many shares or views as possible.  I just want to create the best possible video I can.  This demo will definitely go down in the books.  The large, well-lit ballroom with the dancers on the opposite side created a well-composed background.  Daniel walks into the circle with confidence and Desirée looks stunning as usual.  

I personally don't enjoy bachata sensual patterns that much.  They don't feel natural and I feel if led incorrectly, I could strain the dance or hurt my partner.  However, I feel like this is the power couple when it comes to Bachata Sensual.  They sell it, and they sell it well.  They both have amazing style, eloquence, and above all- an incredible connection.  As you can see in the demo below, they match their style and dance patterns to the song and musicality perfectly.  

When dancing bachata, I try and incorporate what I learned in Brazilian Zouk.  Not the "zoukchata" or zouk turn patterns, but more the connection and subtle lead, body movements, and musicality options(hard to describe, lol).   I truly love bachata music and I think as long as good music is being produced, bachata will be on the top my list as my favorite social dance.