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Working with Marco Espejo & Sara Panero in LA

Shooting with Marco and Sara is always a blast. I met these two a couple years ago at Bachatea in Madrid. Next time, we’ll definitely need more than one day together. Marco has been filming and taking photos with his Canon 5d Mark IV and is producing great work. He has amassed over 75k followers on his Youtube channel.

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Bachaturo 2018

I've always wanted to dance bachata in Poland, could this be the year?  In 2017, I traveled through Europe and went to Bachatea 2017.  It was honestly the biggest let down of my life.  For a festival that big, with that stature, that name - I, along with hundreds or possibly thousands others wanted to cry after the first day.

The lighting, sound, floor,  and workshop space was non-existent.  Imagine a super big car repair shop with thin walls that divide the space into Bachata, Salsa, and Kizomba rooms.  Imagine there is no dance floor.  Just hard concrete that give nothing back.  As the teacher is speaking, you can't really understand him/her because you also hear the echo of music and other teachers.  WELP!  This pretty much summed up Bachatea 2017 in Madrid, Spain.

As with any festival, there are pros and cons.  Now that the cons are out of the way, let's talk about the pros.  The stage and performances were impressive.  Lots of seating was available and the stage was huge.  Many artists from all over the world were also there.  

After speaking to many artists and dancers over the years.  Two festivals have always popped up as their favorites.  One being Summer Sensual in Croatia, and the other being Bachaturo in Poland.  I've always wanted to go to Warsaw so this might be the year.  The organization, lineup, production, and overall energy looks promising.  

Here is the recap from Bachatea 2017 in Madrid:

Daniel and Desirée | Bachata Sensual Demo

I filmed this demo of this amazing couple a little over a year ago at the 2015 Seattle Salsa Congress.  Currently, of all my videos, this has the most views with a little over 500k views.

When I create a video, it's not my goal to get as many shares or views as possible.  I just want to create the best possible video I can.  This demo will definitely go down in the books.  The large, well-lit ballroom with the dancers on the opposite side created a well-composed background.  Daniel walks into the circle with confidence and Desirée looks stunning as usual.  

I personally don't enjoy bachata sensual patterns that much.  They don't feel natural and I feel if led incorrectly, I could strain the dance or hurt my partner.  However, I feel like this is the power couple when it comes to Bachata Sensual.  They sell it, and they sell it well.  They both have amazing style, eloquence, and above all- an incredible connection.  As you can see in the demo below, they match their style and dance patterns to the song and musicality perfectly.  

When dancing bachata, I try and incorporate what I learned in Brazilian Zouk.  Not the "zoukchata" or zouk turn patterns, but more the connection and subtle lead, body movements, and musicality options(hard to describe, lol).   I truly love bachata music and I think as long as good music is being produced, bachata will be on the top my list as my favorite social dance.