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Ivette Bogarin Bachata Video Shoot

We had the pleasure of working with Ivette Bogarin last week in Orange County, California.  She is a professional latin-dancer specializing in Salsa and Bachata.  Based out of Tijuana, Ivette entered the world of dance back in 2010.  She trained with Alma Latina and established artists like: Sheila de Jesús, Terry Tauliaut, Rodrigo Cortazar, and Ivan Valdespino.

If you are interested in taking classes with Ivette, shoot her a message.

Shooting the Kill Jill Music Video with Archie and Sizzle

We filmed Kill Jill earlier this year in San Francisco with Archie and Sizzle.  The track was produced by DJ Kakah and we had William/Paloma and Ry'el/Jessica as dancers.   This was not an easy shoot to coordinate since we had many people involved and logistically, it was difficult.

Our first location was Dolores Park.  This is a relatively new park with an amazing view of the city.  We had many takes at this location and it turns out that the footage from this location came out the best.

The second location was the Palace of Fine Arts.  This location is a popular tourist location and was unfortunately a very windy location.  Due to the wind, we didn't use any dancing clips in the music video but utilized some solo clips.

The third location was a lookout point nearby which had great views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.  Again, the wind was a factor - however, most of the dancing clips were useful and the solos from Archie and Sizzle were great.  We finished shooting at this location around 4:30 and headed to the hotel where we were staying to meet with DJ Kakah and William/Paloma.

Due to arrival/logistical issues, we were pressed for time as the sun was setting.  William and Paloma had just landed so we frantically found a location in the neighborhood nearby.  We took two takes just before the sun had set.   Had we had more time, we would have found a better location and included DJ Kakah in the video as well.

Overall, the music video turned out great.  It really shows the energy of the dancers and plays well with the musicality of the track.  The solo parts by Archie and Sizzle are high energy and I'm really happy with the camera movement.

We shot this video with a Sony a6300.

We plan on working with Archie and Sizzle in early 2018.   You can check out their website here: Also, keep an eye out for a new CD to be released sometime in March of next year.

William and Paloma | Brazilian Zouk Artists

Of all the Brazilian Zouk couples, my favorite is William Teixeira and Paloma Alves.  They are both from Brazil, and their connection, musicality, and energy are out of this world.  They are constantly pushing the boundaries when dancing zouk.

It's important to look your best when doing a demo and also to pick a track that is different, unique, and won't get blocked on FB/YT.  Paloma is always wearing makeup and looking great, while William also picks great songs.

I've filmed William and Paloma in Orange County and San Francisco.  I'd like to say that I've filmed them in more locations but I haven't.  However, at the Zouk Me SF festival, I filmed 3 or 4 of their demos.  I can't tell you how many times I've watched the demos below.  I feel weird writing that I watch my own videos over and over but I can't help how amazing their connection is and the feeling I get while watching them dance.  I hope I'm not the only one!

Today I received confirmation that I will be filming at the 2017 Prague Zouk Congress which William and Paloma will also be attending!  See y'all there :)

Below are some demos of William and Paloma that I've filmed: