kadu larissa

West Zouk TIME 2016 in Brno, Czech Republic

WOW.  What a journey it was to get to this festival, but it was definitely worth it.  Tickets from Amsterdam were pricey so I ended up taking a Flixbus from Amsterdam to Viennna.  From Vienna to Brno I took the train.  On the way home I missed my train to Vienna and ended up taking a Flixbus from Prague back to Amsterdam.   Again, long journey but well worth it.

This was was my first time filming West Coast Swing and Brazilian Zouk.  I've taken a WCS class with Jordan and Tatiana in the past but have never gotten the opportunity to film them.  On the zouk side, it was great to catch up with familiar faces and film Kadu/Larissa and Veronezi.

The energy at this festival was at a different level.  Everyone was smiling and eager to learn.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone enjoy themselves during the workshops and at night during the shows and social dancing.  One thing that stood out from other festivals were the shows/Jack and Jill.  The shows did not take too long and everyone was eager to see them.  The Jack and Jill contest was pure entertainment and everyone really enjoyed it.