Miami Beach Kizomba Festival

This is the festival that started it all almost three years ago.  MBKF or Miami Beach Kizomba Festival reached out to me inquiring about my video services.   I hadn't worked with them previously, and this was the first time I would be providing full video content for a client - demos, next-day recaps, and an aftermovie/full recap.

I remember my first year filming the festival and not knowing much about Kizomba or the different variations of Kizomba.  Today, Kizomba is one of my favorite dances, and I have built many friendships at this festival of the last few years.

The great thing about this is festival is that people travel from all over the world to attend.  Miami is conveniently located and attracts many people from the East Coast and across the Atlantic. 

As far as the festival experience goes, MBKF is one the best in the US, if not the best.  The sound system, stage, lighting, floors, organization, location, hotel - is all quality.  Every night there is a different theme, which creates a different mood/atmosphere in the room.  The after parties always go to the beach where watching the sunrise while dancing Kizomba has become the norm.  Good things always come from good people.  The team that runs MBKF truly love the dance and community.  They want to improve their congress every year which makes my job as a videographer more exciting than ever.  This year, I plan to do some creative behind the scenes type videos and definitely use the drone a whole lot more during the pool parties.

See you in Miami :)