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Eddie Torres Jr. @ Unified on2 Project

It’s always a pleasure filming the Unified on2 Social, held by Mario Gatica once-a-month in Orange County, California. He always bring top national and international talent from the salsa scene. During the day, he hosts a number of workshops and at night, the dancing doesn’t stop until 4 AM. This was the 3rd year celebration of the event and no better than to bring the one and only Eddie Torres Jr. to teach a 4-hour choreo bootcamp.

In the past, we’ve filmed artists like Amneris Martinez, Marco Ferrigno, Juan Matos, and Luis Ernesto.

The next event will be on January 26th, 2019 with Karel Flores. Hope to see you all saleseros, bachateros, and zoukeiros there!

****UPDATE**** - January 17th, 2019

The video below has almost 500K. Below are some reasons why this video has gone viral and done so well on Facebook on Instagram (almost 5k views).

  1. Content - Clearly the dancing, energy, passion, and facial expressions says it all. SBKZ Media asked Eddie and two other couples to perform this just for fun at the end of class (we were really tight on time).

  2. Distribution - We posted it using a certain aspect ratio and text to enable it to go viral on FB’s algorithms.

  3. Quality - This isn’t handheld cell phone footage. It’s good quality video with amazing content. This video isn’t going anywhere and will hopefully one day hit 1 million views.