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Brazilian Zouk in Mexico

It's only a matter of time before we see Brazilian Zouk festivals in major cities in Mexico.  Salsa and Bachata have ruled the scene for years, and now we are seeing Kizomba make it's way into the scene and it's growing faster and stronger than ever.

This year, Brazilian Zouk made it's way to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  It's a beautiful city located on the coast about a three hour drive from Guadalajara.  The event was located in a small and intimate hotel with mostly Mexican tourists.  

Many of the dancers traveled from Mexico City and Guadalajara.  Brazilian Zouk is relatively new to Mexico, so the level of dancing was not very high.   However, dancers were eager to learn and picked up the basics in no time.  By the end of the congress, many were dancing well and had learned the fundamentals.

Brazilian Zouk may seem difficult at first.  However, if you learn fast and put your mind to it, it's really not that difficult - whether you are a lead or follow.  The biggest tip I can give is don't be intimidated.  Treat Zouk like any other partner dance and focus on building the basics.  The advanced patterns and head movements will follow later.

Overall, the turnout was great even with poor weather and the earthquake that took place a couple weeks before the event.  The organizers are very friendly and are excited about 2018 being even bigger and more fun.   Small, intimate, and creative festivals are always more fun than bigger festivals.

Here is the recap from the 2017 Zoukadise Festival, enjoy!!!


Daniel and Desirée | Bachata Sensual Demo

I filmed this demo of this amazing couple a little over a year ago at the 2015 Seattle Salsa Congress.  Currently, of all my videos, this has the most views with a little over 500k views.

When I create a video, it's not my goal to get as many shares or views as possible.  I just want to create the best possible video I can.  This demo will definitely go down in the books.  The large, well-lit ballroom with the dancers on the opposite side created a well-composed background.  Daniel walks into the circle with confidence and Desirée looks stunning as usual.  

I personally don't enjoy bachata sensual patterns that much.  They don't feel natural and I feel if led incorrectly, I could strain the dance or hurt my partner.  However, I feel like this is the power couple when it comes to Bachata Sensual.  They sell it, and they sell it well.  They both have amazing style, eloquence, and above all- an incredible connection.  As you can see in the demo below, they match their style and dance patterns to the song and musicality perfectly.  

When dancing bachata, I try and incorporate what I learned in Brazilian Zouk.  Not the "zoukchata" or zouk turn patterns, but more the connection and subtle lead, body movements, and musicality options(hard to describe, lol).   I truly love bachata music and I think as long as good music is being produced, bachata will be on the top my list as my favorite social dance.