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Marketing your festival the right way

Unfortunately, there are many people that take videos, edit them, and re-post them on their page calling them their own. When this happens, I file a claim with Facebook/Instagram and the video is removed immediately. Asking for permission or just tagging the festival/videographer would prevent me from filing copyright claims.

This situation is different, it’s not a random person - it’s someone who I consider a friend.

This friend got upset with SBKZ Media because we asked him to:

  1. Give credit to the festival and SBKZ Media.

  2. To not alter or change any videos we have produced.

I woke up one morning and received an invitation to join a new festival. I accepted and opened the page. I found at least 3 videos that I filmed for festivals that had been downloaded, changed (new intro, logo, and some effects), and credit was given to a videographer in Brazil.

I reached out to the festival and asked that they remove the videos (because they changed/manipulated the video) and did not give credit. After finding out that this festival is run by my friend, he sent me a message explaining what happened. I’ve worked with my friend in the past and really enjoyed creating content with him. I said no worries, if you just tag the festival and SBKZ Media we’re good.

Fast forward a week or so. I go back on the page and a new video is posted of Ry’el and Jessica. It’s a demo of them dancing at Zouk Me SF but with an entirely new audio track. The video was completely altered/changed.

After seeing this, I messaged my friend asking him to remove the video because his team had changed the sound. He got upset and said he would take down ALL of the videos. I asked him to just remove the one video that he altered and not the others. He insisted that he would take down all of the videos.


I’m not upset with my friend at all. All I ask is that promoters tag the festival/videographer or reach out to me telling me what you’re going to do. If my friend had told me he was going to do this from the start, there wouldn’t be any issues. I’m really easy going and have worked with many artists and promoters. My goal is to strengthen the community by putting out great content, and maintaining the integrity of that content.

If my friend is reading this: you can use any videos of SBKZ Media. I support you, your event, and the Brazilian Zouk community 100%.


Here are some tips for festival promoters:

-Share the original video from the festival and write a clever or catchy description of the video.

-Ask the videographer for the original video, create a really good description, and utilize Facebook/Instagram advertising.

-Instagram is hot right now. We are focusing a lot on creating short-form videos for IG stories.

-Content is important, but distribution(marketing/copywriting) is more important.

Brazilian Zouk in Singapore

We are excited to be filming the 1st Zouk festival in Singapore. Hosted by Cheryl Qiao Rou, this year’s all-star lineup includes: William & Paloma, Arthur & Layssa, Rick & Larissa, and the one and only DJ Kakah.

Last time we were in Asia we were also in Singapore and filmed the 2018 Singapore Bachata Weekend. Zouk Sensation will be held at the same venue which makes things easier for us since we know the space, layout, and lighting. There is nice hotel conveniently located right across the street. We are thrilled to be back in Asia in early 2019, we hope to see you there!

You can purchase passes on the Zouk Sensation Website.

2018 Los Angeles Zouk Festival

Hosted by Shani Mayer and Christian Whitecloud, the 2018 Los Angeles Zouk Festival is right around the corner!  Located at the beautiful Queen Mary in Long Beach, California - this is one of the longest running  Brazilian Zouk festivals in the US.  

This year's edition includes a "LambaZouk Track" option that allows dancers to take intensive courses from some of the world's best Lamba Zouk instructors.  Instructors include Adriana, Lena Thieme, Ry'El & Jessica, Gilson, Felipe & Patricia, and the one and only - Master Braz!  Master Braz recently obtained a unique Visa that will allow him to work in the US and teach Lamba Zouk.   

This year will include a teacher's course taught by Jaime Arôxa, Leo & Becky, and Gilson Damasco.  These amazing artists will be teaching history, technique, musicality, and different types of teaching methods.

The Jack & Jill is always a fun and hectic competition.  Expect to see new faces this year as Brazilian Zouk has seen tremendous growth this past year.

Other highlights this year include Rodrigo and Karina from Sao Paulo, Brazil!  They are an amazing couple and one of the biggest influencers in the Sao Paulo zouk scene.  Check out a video that we filmed of them when we in Brazil in 2017.  DJ Kakah will be blessing us with amazing music as well.

Brazilian Zouk festivals are always fun, busy, and exciting.  For us, the deck parties definitely stand out from any other event.  These parties allow us to dance outdoors and enjoy the Southern California breeze.  They have afternoon parties on the deck along with after-parties that usually last until sunrise.  

See you on the dance floor!

If you're interested in attending this year's event, you can purchase tickets here.

Thank you 2017 latin-dance festivals!

2017 was an incredibly busy year for us.  We filmed over 15 Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Brazilian Zouk dance festivals and congresses.  We were exposed to many different promoters, locations, cities, countries, personalities, dancers, and artists.  We learned a lot about how different festivals are organized and ran.

Like with anything in life, one needs to have balance.  Filmed festivals every weekend will inevitabley burn someone out.  We tried our best to keep a good balance of local gigs, travel, and dance gigs.  Unfortunately, there were months where we filmed several dance festivals consecutively.  

With all the experience we got in 2017, 2018 looks brighter than ever.  We have new clients on the horizon and are super excited to continue working with with our favorite festivals.  It's not easy traveling with expensive equipment and filming/editing a 3-5 day festival non-stop.  There are times where we need to take a step back and take a break.  

Bachatea - Madrid
Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival - Amsterdam
Bachata French Kiss - Troyes
WestZoukTIME - Bruno
L.A Zouk Festival - Long Beach
Official - Prague Zouk Congress - Prague
Montreal Salsa Convention - Montreal
Zouk Me Summer Fest - San Francisco
Los Angeles BKS Festival - Orange County
Kizomba Luxembourg - Luxembourg
MiamiBeach KizombaFestival - Miami
Zoukadise - Puerto Vallarta
Montreal Is Kizomba - Montreal
Dutch International Zouk Congress - Breda
Hawaii Zouk Festival - Honolulu
Kizomba Harmony African Dance Experience - Cancun

Check out our work: sbkzmedia.com
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We don't try and work with every festival.  Rather, we focus on relationships with good promoters that are fair, honest, and try to do what's best for their respective dance community and push it in the right direction.  A big thanks to all of those promoters that we've worked with, and that we continue to work with in the future - you know who you are!!


Zouk Me San Francisco 2016

This was Zouk Me SF's first event.  I was glad to be a part of a new festival and help promote what unfolded online for the world to see.  The power of the internet is incredible.  Posting videos as the event unfolds is an extremely powerful way to reach audiences in a new way.  

I believe in real-time marketing.  People that were on the border of going to the event, may still have a chance to attend an event later in the weekend after watching the video.  Unfortunately, for people out of state/country, they would need to attend the following year.  Either way, they see what's happening live and want to or wish they could've gone.  This type of emotion is what we strive for. 

The event was full of energy.  We had a group of very talented brazilian zouk artists from all over the world.  Logistically, it was a bit difficult for us since we had a lot of equipment to lug around.   I think 2017 will yield a new location for events, workshops, and socials making it more convenient for everyone.

The highlight of the event was definitely the flash mob at Union Square in the heart of downtown San Francisco.  Many people waited for the show to start.  Many asked us what we were dancing and why were there.  Before the choreo, we were social dancing to a merengue song when suddenly a chef walking by started dancing.  Then a guy in a wheel chair joined in on the fun too.  Sure, he couldn't dance, but he was bobbing his head and smiling from ear to ear.  I love when when random people join in on the fun, all for the love of music and dance.  No conversation is needed, just movement and smiles.

We provided demo coverage, next-day edits, and a full recap/after movie of the event.  All videos were uploaded directly to Zouk Me SF's Facebook and Youtube pages.