zouk me sf

Zouk Me San Francisco 2016

This was Zouk Me SF's first event.  I was glad to be a part of a new festival and help promote what unfolded online for the world to see.  The power of the internet is incredible.  Posting videos as the event unfolds is an extremely powerful way to reach audiences in a new way.  

I believe in real-time marketing.  People that were on the border of going to the event, may still have a chance to attend an event later in the weekend after watching the video.  Unfortunately, for people out of state/country, they would need to attend the following year.  Either way, they see what's happening live and want to or wish they could've gone.  This type of emotion is what we strive for. 

The event was full of energy.  We had a group of very talented brazilian zouk artists from all over the world.  Logistically, it was a bit difficult for us since we had a lot of equipment to lug around.   I think 2017 will yield a new location for events, workshops, and socials making it more convenient for everyone.

The highlight of the event was definitely the flash mob at Union Square in the heart of downtown San Francisco.  Many people waited for the show to start.  Many asked us what we were dancing and why were there.  Before the choreo, we were social dancing to a merengue song when suddenly a chef walking by started dancing.  Then a guy in a wheel chair joined in on the fun too.  Sure, he couldn't dance, but he was bobbing his head and smiling from ear to ear.  I love when when random people join in on the fun, all for the love of music and dance.  No conversation is needed, just movement and smiles.

We provided demo coverage, next-day edits, and a full recap/after movie of the event.  All videos were uploaded directly to Zouk Me SF's Facebook and Youtube pages.