Kenny Miranda steps it up year after year.  2017 was filled with an incredible lineup and fueled with national and international talent all weekend.  Yanis Marshall joined LABKS and taught two incredible workshops.  The Los Angeles BKS Festival is hands down the best festival to attend on the West Coast.

The dance scene is completely saturated.  Everyone is a promoter, DJ, artist, photographer, or videographer - and it seems there are new festivals popping up every weekend.  The success of any festival starts from the top.  Kenny's all-start lineup and attention to creating a unique festival experience is what sets his festival apart from the rest.  He is a promoter that takes care of you and makes you feel special.  This feeling flows from the top down.  If artists/DJs are enjoying themselves, they will be more inclined to social dance, interact with guests, and contribute more towards the experience.  The sound system, lighting, stage, and stage backdrop are top-notch.  The 2017 lineup speaks for itself.  There is international talent in every category- Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Brazilian Zouk.  There is no other festival in the US that brings such a high-level talent.