Luisa Teston & Paulo Victor


Paulo and Luisa are international dancers, instructors, and choreographers based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  They've been partners since 2014 and have won numerous championships in Brazil.

SBKZ Media worked with Paulo and Luisa for the first time in 2015 at Zouk Day.  Since then, we've worked with them on numerous occasions and have created some amazing content together.  Two of the videos we created - Encontro and Be together, were filmed in a beautiful area called Alto de Paraiso just two hours north of Brasilia.  Alto Paraiso is a incredible location with amazing sunsets, few tourists, hundreds of waterfalls, dirt roads, and tons of unique places to film with nobody in sight.  Be Together was shot in 9 different locations over a span of two days. 

In 2017, Paulo and Luisa began teaching internationally.   They have traveled to Russia, Poland, Holland, England, and the US.  We recently met up with them in Los Angeles and were able to shoot a new dance video which will be released shortly.

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