Festival Recaps

Dance festival recaps are our bread and butter. We film, edit, and upload festival recaps during or immediately after the festival is over. In order to create a video compilation that is good quality and engaging, we are literally working around the clock in order to meet our deadline and get the video completed and published.

When filming a festival, we use a variety of different lenses and techniques to get a variety of different shots. A combination of wide, medium, and tight shots create engaging and dynamic edits that captivate the audience.

Track selection for the video is equally as important. We spend hours combing through Youtube and Soundcloud searching for a song that matches the festival.

There is no time to make mistakes. There is always something to be filmed. When there are multiple workshops going on at once, our team is always a step ahead and positioned to make sure that we are at the right place at the right time.

Kizomba Festival Recaps

Kizomba festivals are definitely our biggest clients. They are medium to large festivals that invest in good production. Filming these festivals is fun and challenging due to the amount of dancers. We definitely enjoy those wide shots that show 500+ dancers in one room.

Brazilian Zouk Festival Recaps

Brazilian Zouk festivals are much smaller than any other dance genre. We enjoy filming Brazilian Zouk because of the dance itself and the creative angles that come from it. While the scene isn’t nearly as big as Kizomba, we enjoy the smaller settings and can experiment with new shots and ideas.

Bachata and Salsa Festival Recaps

There are so many bachata and salsa festivals nowadays that you could literally attend a festival somewhere in the world every weekend. These festivals range from small to huge and everything in between. We work with select promoters that are forward-thinking and open-minded to creating a professional presence online and something to look back on forever.