Types of videos we produce for your Festival or Congress:

  • Next-Day Edits - 30-90 second event recaps video shot/edited during your event.
  • Weekend Recap - 2-4 minute event recap published 1-2 days after your event is over.
  • Demo - End of class demos with intro, logo, color grading, and creative motion.
  • Promo - Mixed footage with text promoting next year's festival or congress
  • Dance/Concept Video 
  • Interviews

We also can provide monthly plans to help manage your social media platforms:

  • Facebook Management - How to post and when to post.  We provide you with month videos.  We engage your consumer.
  • Instagram videos -  We will update your IG with quality videos and use correct grammar and hashtags. 

For more information regarding monthly plans, visit our online store.


We try and create videos with the best filming, quality, and editing.  It's not our intention for videos to go viral unless that's the client's goal.  This is an example of a video that received many views and shares that still maintained proper branding and quality.


SBKZ Media provides high-quality video with an extremely quick turnaround time.  We work with motivated artists and promoters that seek unique video that creates high viewer engagement.   Shoot us a message!


Festivals require not only good videos, but also photos and general marketing.  We work with festivals that value video and top production.