Types of videos we create:

  • Next-Day Edits - 30-90 second event recaps video shot/edited during your event

  • Weekend Recap - 2-4 minute event recap published 1-2 days after your event is over

  • Demo - End of class demos with intro, logo, color grading, and creative motion

  • Promo - Mixed footage with text promoting next year's festival or congress

  • Social Dancing

  • Shows/Performance

  • BHS or Interviews with select artists

SBKZ Media provides high-quality video with an extremely quick turnaround time.  

Aside from creating good video content, it's important to know how to distribute media.  We have years of experience and can provide tips or manage certain social media platforms.  We update many of our client's FB pages real-time.  

Our bread and butter are festival recaps! See what goes into producing these amazing videos.

We work with festivals that value the power of video.  Our goal is to create content that captivates and engages viewers.  We will never substitute quality for views.  Our goal is to create a professional online presence for your event that creates value for your attendees and makes dancers that didn't attend your event, wish they had!