William and Paloma are Brazilian Zouk instructors from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Paloma is currently based out of Rio, while William is currently living in Madrid.  William's style and musicality paired with Paloma's grace and subtly is the perfect combination.  Every end-of-class demo is always an incredible improvisation and pleasure to witness in person.  William picks great tracks and both of them are able to push the bar of creativity and musicality.  Both of them are top DJs in the Brazilian Zouk scene as well.

You can see all the videos we have filmed of William and Paloma starting from the first time we met them (at the bottom).

It's incredible how fast time goes and how relationships build over time.  Below is our first demo that we filmed with William and Paloma when they came to Orange County in Southern California.  At the time, I didn't know their style, if they spoke English well, and didn't really have a chance to get to know them.  I actually had them do a little introduction after their demo, lol!  Over the years, I've spent so much time with them at festivals and we get along so well - it's truly awesome when we meet at festivals and are able to connect and do creative things.