My Nairobi Experience

Arriving in Nairobi was much like arriving in Los Angeles- hot and dry with stop and go traffic. It took a little over an hour to arrive to the hotel in Westlands neighborhood of Nairobi.

Everyone I met was really nice and friendly. I met people from South Africa, Uganda, Nairobi, Germany, and the US. The event I was there to film was the 2019 Nairobi Kizomba Sensacao Festival.

Friday night was bumping as the DJs kept the vibe going with solid track selections and transitions. The only other time I heard such great Kizomba music was at the Miami Beach Kizomba Festival. The music was so good that I couldn’t help but shazam all weekend. Below is a compilation of songs I came across over the weekend:

Playlist 1 - NKS.jpg

Saturday and Sunday were full days of workshops. On Sunday afternoon, I was able to visit a local animal sanctuary and get some b-roll shots of crocs and monkeys. The weekend was concluded with a really fun pool party. It was great to unwind and dance Kizomba, Bachata, and Salsa at the pool.

Below is the vertical recap of the festival along with demos of the headliners. The last video at the bottom is a fun travel video I created with an old Sony Handycam Camcorder CCD-TRV58 that records analog.